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Friday Introductions: Alex Miller

Friday Introductions: Alex Miller
Alex has been around Keene Trace for a long time, but we wanted to give you all a chance to get to know him better. Read on to learn more about him and make sure to say hi when you see him around!
How long have you been at Keene Trace and what is your role here?
This is my 5th season here at Keene Trace. I started as a cart guy under Brad Hicks at champions in 2014 and worked my way up to 2nd assistant under Scott Smith. Now, I am an assistant golf professional. I also manage the outside staff alongside my peers, do all scheduling and hiring of the outside services, and I do part-time club repair work.
How did you get into golf and do you have a favorite golf memory?
My grandfather introduced me to the game at the early age of 4. I was immediately hooked and haven’t looked back! My dad has taught me almost everything I I know about golf, with the exception of two lessons back in the high school golf days. It’s a passion of mine to help others enjoy this wonderful sport as much as I do and assist them with any needs they may have.
Picking a favorite golf memory will be tough. I’d have to say witnessing and calling a good buddies' hole in one on #4 at Keene Run has to be up there as one of my favorite memories. Landon Adkins, one of our outside service staff, hit this beautiful high draw to a front right pin location. At about the apex of the ball flight I said “congrats on your 3rd hole in one!” Completely joking, but that’s kind of a inside joke with our group, as we say that a lot when a shot is looking good. His ball hit short right of the green and took a immediate hop left and rolled dead center cup! We went insane as most groups do witnessing such a cool event, better yet someone calling the shot!
Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
In my younger years I played many sports including basketball, baseball, football and of course golf. But something that many wouldn’t expect is that I received a 5 year award from Gotta Dance Studios for tap and jazz! So if need be, I can put on my blue suede shoes! This also causes me to have a lot of foot work in my golf swing. Some coaches have even called me “twinkle toes” in the past!
What do you do when you aren't at Keene?
Outside of work I try and spend as much time with family as possible. I also may spend a bit too much time playing video games and watching movies! My parents and sister live in Lexington, so we try and do family dinner nights once a week. She has 4 young girls and I love my nieces! They keep us all busy with gymnastics and of course dance. Other than that, I try and play golf when the chance is given.
What was your favorite part of the Barbasol?
My favorite part of the Barbasol would be tough to choose. If you make me pick one, I would say starting on the first tee with Mr. Carl Nathe for the pro am on Wednesday. Not only was it perfect weather all day, but I got to spend hours meeting and greeting great tour players and amateurs alike. Of course, I loved seeing our members so excited about the event and seeing them enjoy it was better than enjoying it myself! Truly a life changing experience!

Written by : Alli Young

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