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Aerification Schedule and Understanding DryJect

Aerification Schedule and Understanding DryJect
Aerification Schedule:
Keene Run: September 4th through 7th
Champion Trace: Week of September 17th
FAQs About Aerification:
Why do we need to aerify?
Many of you who have been around the golf world for a long time and are very familiar with the aerification process. Basically, aerification is the process of punching holes in the greens and fairways to allow air to get into the soil underneath. If you think about all the pressure contstant footsteps and mowers are putting on the course, you will understand how compacted the soil can get and why this process is fundamental to a healthy course.
Why does aerification usually happen during peak course conditions and playing weather?
The timing of aerification can be a source of frustration for many golfers, but knowing the reasoning behind it may make it easier to understand. Peak course conditions and nice weather are ideal for aerification because the course can heal best in these conditions. The strong grass and consistently good weather allow for the course to heal quickly and fully. If it were to happen in the winter, the course would not be able to heal in the same way.
FAQs About DryJect:
What is DryJect?
DryJect is a machine that aerates, topdresses and amends in one pass. Essentially, it blasts aeration holes through the root zone while simultaneously filling with amendment. It is the only machine that can inject while aerating!
How does it benefit Keene Trace members?
Keene Trace owns the Kentucky DryJect franchise because we believe in it's ability to improve infiltration, air porosity and water retention. All of this allows the course to heal more quickly following aerification and to be healthier overall. Not to mention it helps to speed up the aerification process itself. For you, that means courses in their best shape and more time to play them!

Written by : Alli Young

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