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Bourbon Duck Format


Four-Ball Match Play / Six Nine Hole Matches
Each team will be flighted according to the USGA
combined handicap indexes of both the member and guest.
Each flight will consist of six teams with each team playing a nine hole match against all other teams in their flight and one "Wild Card Match". Matches will be played as a Four-Ball (best ball of partners), playing off the lowest handicap in the foursome.

Scoring The Matches

Each team will be awarded one (1) point for winning a hole, a half (1/2) point for tying a hole and no points for losing a hole. One (1) point will also be awarded to the team that wins the match. During the Five (5) Round Robin Matches a maximum of 7 points can be won. During the 6th (Wild Card) Match, all ten (10) points may be won. If a team defaults or no shows you will still be required to play your match against par. In the event that one match is rained out each team whose match was rained out will be awarded 5 points.


All flights will play from the Blue/Black Tees.
WHITE tee rule – if you are 60 years of age or older you have the option to play from the WHITE tees under USGA Handicap RULE 3-5.


In the event of a tie, Flight winners will be determined by the team’s head-to-head match. If the match was halved, a winner will be determined by a hole-by-hole match of cards beginning with the last hole played.


There will be ten (10) flights of six teams for a total of sixty six teams in this year’s event. The flights have been named for 10 of the “Open Championship” historic venues. If there is a tie for the flight winner, the head-to-head match will decide the tie. If the match was halved, a winner will be determined by a hole-by-hole match of cards with the last hole played.

Pace Of Play

To ensure that we all enjoy our golf, please keep pace
with the group in front of you. RULE 6-7
*1st offense warning, 2nd offense-1stroke penalty, 3rd offense-2 stroke penalty.

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