Guest Information

Keene Trace Golf Club is an exclusive private membership club located just outside Lexington, Kentucky. On behalf of your sponsoring Member, we are delighted to have you as a guest of Keene Trace Golf Club and we hope the information below will make your visit more enjoyable during your stay.

Guest Policy

All Guests shall be designated as either Accompanied Guests or Sponsored Guests. A Sponsored Guest is defined as a Member's guest who is not accompanied by the Member. All other guests of a Member shall be Accompanied Guests.

Guests are limited to 4 Rounds of Golf in calendar year.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones are permitted in the clubhouse however, we ask that you please silence cell phone ringers when entering the clubhouse. Cell phone use on the golf course is strongly discouraged.ArrivalEach golfer must check-in at the Golf Shop upon arrival. A Keene Trace staff member will show you to the locker room, dining facility, and the staging for your golf game. Please use the locker rooms to change shoes.

Dress Code

Keene Trace requires proper golf attire. Denim of any color is not permitted. Gentlemen are asked to wear a collared shirt. Shorts may be worn but must not pass below the knee or be higher than four inches above the knee. “Frayed” Cargo shorts are not permitted. Shirts must be tucked in and headwear worn forward at all times. Clothing not permitted includes: Sweatpants, Tee Shirts, Tank Tops, or Athletic Shorts.Golf CarsGolf Car regulations are posted every day and will follow either 90 Degree or Cart Path Only Rule. We will strictly enforce rules, as we must protect the integrity of the golf course.

Locker Room

Locker Rooms are available for Members and Guests. Guest Lockers are available upon request. Please see a member of the Keene Trace staff to assist you with any Locker Room needs.

Pace of Play

Four hours and fifteen minutes is the reasonable pace for a foursome. Course Advisors on the golf course help monitor the pace of play. If a Course Advisor approaches your group regarding your pace of play it is simply to ensure that play is moving at a pace that each group can enjoy. If your group remains out of position after two pace warnings you will be asked to skip forward to the appropriate position.

Club Charges

The Club requires guest charges for green's fees, cart fees, and food and beverage to be billed to credit card or cash. Individuals may purchase merchandise from the Golf Shop using individual American Express, Master Card, Visa, or cash. Only with approval from the Keene Trace Member given to a member of the staff, may a guest have permission to charge purchases to a Members account.

Cancelation/Rainout Policy

If situations change and you find the need to cancel your plans for golf, please notify us at least twelve hours in advance to allow time to cancel the tee time. For details please check with the Golf Shop staff.

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